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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Create a goal-oriented, businesslike atmosphere. Keep students productive and engaged Communicate caring and respect for every student. o Make the subject matter interesting and relevant to students goals.o Incorporate variety into lessons.o Make sure students always have something to do. Temperament The Classroom Climate: Creating an Environment Conducive to Learning Ability Level Students vastly different classroom behaviors may be due, in part, to biological predispositions that arent entirely within students control. Students are apt to misbehavewhen theyre asked to do things that they perceive to be exceptionally difficult. The ideal classroom is one in which students feel safe and secure,making learning a high priority,and are willing to take chances and make mistakes as they tackle challenging new tasks. The Role of the Teacher The Role of the Teacher Establish reasonable rules and procedures Take individual and developmental differences into account. o Should be done first day of school so students know what is expected of them. o Develop consistent procedures and routines for such things as completing seatwork, asking for help, and turning in assignments. o Human beings have a need for relatedness, a strong desire to be socially connected with others. o Teachers can help students need for relatedness by demonstrating, through many little things, that they care and respect students as people.o When students have positive, supportive relationships with teachers, they have higher self-efficacy and more intrinsic motivation to learn, engage in more self-regulated learning, are more likely to ask for help, are less apt to cheaton assignments, and achieve at higher levels. Create a sense of community and belongingness o Students and teachers should feel that they share acommon goal, are mutually respectful and supportive of one anothers efforts, and they believe that everyone makes an important contribution to classroom learning. o Students who share a sense of community are more likely to exhibit prosocial behavior, stay on task, expressenthusiasm about classroom activities and achieve at higher levels. The Teacher should: The Teacher should not: o Place students under constant surveillance.o Compare one students performance to that of classmates. o Hold students accountable for achieving instructionalo Focus students attention on personal progress o Admonish students for misbehavior but communicate that each day is a new start
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