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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CLASS Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte-tur adipiscing elit. Mauris non eliterat. Etiam ullamcorper, nisl ultriciesconsectetur posuere, risus nequemalesuada enim, a laoreet magnaarcu vitae eros. Praesent pulvinarultricies nibh, porta dignissim nislpretium et. Praesent sollicitudinbibendum blandit. Nam rhoncusbibendum augue sed aliquet. Fuscelacinia vitae nisl non pulvinar. 39% 1980 2014 REFLECTION Activities/Anything in general that we did in class that I enjoyed/found helpful: I enjoyed Pi Day. It taught us what pi was in a funway. I think if there were more events like this, it would make math class even more fun. I also thought games like Kahoot and Quiz, Quiz, Trade were helpful. It also made learning math fun and got students interested. Activities/anything in generalthat we did in class that Idid not like/thought was annoying: I didn't really like doing take home tests because I thought that some things were no help. I guess it helped a little but I didn't like doing them. Things that I found annoying were just people making inappropriate and unnecessary noises. Ways to make/teach class better next year: Find ways to teach math in fun ways. I don't really know what you can do to make it fun, but just keep playing games or having special days. Teach inan easy way, for example, don't throw in a million ways to do a problem unless it's necessary because it may confusea few people. Last comments, suggestions, concerns Just make sure everyone's paying attention because I know I didn't pay attention in 7th grade and I did terrible. In 8th grade I actually did pay attention and I did way better than the year before! If they decide to not pay attention then it's their problem!!!!!
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