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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Clara Barton Founder of the American Red Cross Organization December 25, 1821 - April 12, 1912 - Clara Barton gave much needed supplies and comfort to the many wounded soldiers during the Civil War. - Clara Barton risked her life many times to help carry soldiers from the battlefield and back to the makeshift hospitals. - Clara Barton once begged and even cried in front of a colonel until he allowed her to bring her supplies to the hospitals. Clara Barton was from North Oxford, Massachusetts Barton viewed her role in the war as something of a family matter...she was also everyone's old maid aunt-fussing over "my boys" worrying over clothes and food, treating the men as fond nephews.... ~Bremer, R.H., historian I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them. ~Clara Barton What Clara Barton did in the past, affects our world today. If she had not founded the American Red Cross Organization back in 1861 to 1865, we wouldn't have a group of experienced nurses to help us donate supplies to soldiers in times of war. Without Clara Barton, the Red Cross would never have existed. Clara Barton changed the world she lived in by providing much needed supplies to the Union as well as the Confederate soldiers during the war. She also founded the Red Cross to provide more help in the war. Because of Clara Barton, victory was made possible. Brave Determined Compassionate
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