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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should Illegal immigrants have empolyment opportunities? Thesis: Illegal immigrants should not have employment opportunities because they are commiting a crime, and they are filling other American's job opportunities. Body Pharagraph 1: When illegal immigrants are employed them, and the employer are commiting a crime. The employers are taking advantage of the immigrants by paying them lower wages. Illegal immigrants also don't pay taxes because they are not a U.S. citezens, so they shouldn't be in America anyways with out the proper paper work. Eventhough most illegal immigrants don't do this, but some will waste their earned money on alcohol or illegal drugs which is another crime. Body Pharagraph 2: Illegal immigration is a major contribution to the lose of jobs in America .About 17.2 million U.S. citezens are without a job, and that number could go way down if illegal immigrants were not employed.Homeless also need jobs, and more of the homeless could be working if it weren't for illegal immigrants."Americans are also being harmed by illegal immigrants because the hourly rate is reduced because of illegal aliens looking for far less."said Richard Jones, Sheriff of Butler County in Ohio. Counter Argument: Other Americans may say that poor Americans aren't willing to do the workforce and labor jobs,so why not let illegal immigrants do them.Well most of legal immigrants come to America to start a better life,and they are willing for the opportunity to do those kinds of jobs. Closing Statement: Illegal immigrants should definitly font have employment opportunities in the U.S.due to the increase of crime and the filling of American jobs. It is time we stop illegal immigrants form having employment opportunities.
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