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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nov 4 1864 July 21 1861 Feb 16 1862 Mar 8 1862 Apr 13 1862 Sep 17 1862 Apr 9 1865 April 12 1861 *resources Civil War Timeline 1861-1865 The First Battle of Fort Sumter-The bombardment lasted for 34 hours straight, until the Union soldiers surrendered. First Battle of Bull Run-The First Battle of Bull Run was the first majorland battle of the war. The battle earned "Stonewall"Jackson his name. Battles of Fort Henry andFort Donelson in Tennessee-The Union could now headsouth through Tennessee.This was the Unions first victory. Battle and Captureof New Orleans-The capture of New Orleanswas a major turning pointin the war. The Battle of Antietam- It was the the bloodiest day in the American Civil War, with a total of over 23,000 casualties including more than 4,800 killed. Battle of the Monitorand the Merrimack-It was the the first battlebetween two ironclad ships,the Monitor and the Merrimack. The Emancipation Proclamation-It proclaimed the freedom of the 3.1 million slaves in the Confederate States of America. Battle of Gettysburg-It lasted 3 days and it was known as the turning pointin the war. Abraham Lincoln wins re-election-Shermans victory in Atlanta boosted Lincolns popularity and helped him win re-election. Lee Surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse-On April 9, the two commanders met at Appomattox Courthouse, and agreed on the terms of surrender. Jan 1 1863 Jul 1 1863
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