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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 These Presidents of the Union and the Confederacy Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis North/Union South/Confederacy Economy The North's economy was mostly based off of manufacturing andfactories. The Civil War Infographic By Derek Lu Industries The South's economy was mostly based off of agriculture. Views on Slavery The North disliked and outlawed slavery. The South relied on slavery for their agriculture and was pro slavery. Views on Tariffs The North favored tariffs, as it causedpeople to buy American manufactured products over foreign manufacturedproducts, which boosting income for factories and the Federal government The South hated tariffs, as it caused foreign countries to stop buying theirraw materials, as they were too costly, and caused foreign products to be sold less due to the tariff. The Southerners called the Tariff of 1828 the Tariff of Abominations. Views on Secession The North believed that secessionwas unconstitutional, and thatthe South was not allowed tosecede The South believed that they wereallowed to secede as since theyvoluntarily joined the Union, theyshould be able to leave by their choice. Advantages andDisadvantages The North had more factories and naval ships, but lacked good generals and was fighting the offensive The South had better generalsand was fighting the defensivebut they lacked factories and railroads. Union States There were 20 total Union States, whichincludes Maine, NewYork, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, etc. Confederate States There were 11 confederate states, which included Alabama, Virginia,Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana,etc. Generals of the Union Generals of the Confederacy Ulysses S. Grant,William Sherman, and Ambrose Burnside Robert Lee, StonewallJackson, and BushrodJohnson Fact to Fill Space The Battle ofAntietam wasthe bloodiestbattle of theCivil War
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