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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is a Civil Case? Pre trial: What is a civil case? The following steps will explain! First the Plaintiff (Accuser) will file papers with the court house to signify what the problem is, who they want to seek the compensation and how much money they seek. The court will also ask to see any evidence that you have. Pre Trial Hearing: Both parties will be summoned to appear in court. At this point the judge will act as a mediator to settle any problems in order to avoid going to court. Most cases end here. If nothing works and they end up going to court the plaintiff's party and Defendant's party will decide if they want a jury or not. If not then a judge will rule in the case. The Trial: The trial begins when the plaintiff opens with the their evidence against the defendant. Following, the defendant does the same to the plaintiff. During the trial anyone can be called to the witness stand. They then give their reasons as to why they should side with them. The jury then goes to deliberations to decide a verdict. Once a verdict has been reached the judge will announce who the victorious party is. If the defendant loses, they will have to pay for the damages or give compensation to the other party. If the verdict is in favor of the defendant then the two pay the court costs and go on their way. If the loser cannot pay back the winner Plaintiff then a sheriff will take property from the defendant that is equal value to the damages. The verdict and Punishment A appeal If any wrong doing was done by the People of the court then one may demand an appeal. This then goes to the appellate court where it will get ruled on. It can affirm, reverse or go back to the lower court. This is a Civil Case!!
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