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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ng Ngera Status er Ngak? Our COFA and Employment Status Explained Citizens of Palau are"Nonimmigrant COFA"noted "CFA/PAL." And are NOT U.S. Citizens or Nationals The "D/S" - This code is shortfor Duration of Status which showswe can stay, work, and studyin the U.S. indefinitely. Citizens of Palau should mark"Alien Authorized to Work" and put "N/A" where it asks for expiration date. When Completing Employment Forms The Immigration and Nationality Act's (INA) anti-descriminationprovision -- an employer cannot demand extra documents for citizenship verification once you have provided the docs required by law. Doing so violates the INA. Even though we have a "D/S" status, employers may need to verify certain documents that we provide them. These are docs from List A and C (See the Doc LIst) because they have expirationdates. List B docs should not be verifiedand doing so violates the INA. How can I avoid problems with E-Verify? Most problems with the E-Verify systemthat employers use to check our citizenshipstatus can be avoided by making sure youremployer puts in your correct full legal name and birth date in Month/Day/Year format. This prevents a lengthy hiring process. Can Employer Reverify My Documents? What should I put for "status"and "expiration date"? Can an employer require me to provide extra proof of my status? Acceptable Documents for Identity and Status Verification List A Docs (Combine with List C. Needsverification) Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Rec-eipt Card (Form I-551) Employment AuthorizationDocument (Card) that contains a photograph (Form I-766) Palau Passport with I-94 List C Docs (Combinewith List A. Usuallyneeds verification) U.S. Social SecurityCard U.S. Citizen I.D. Card(Form I-197) List B Docs (Shouldn't be verified by employer) U.S. State or Federalissued I.D. card including: Military or Military Dependent I.D. Card Voters Registration Card V.A. Card State Issued DriversLicense or I.D. Card This infographic presents information applicable to Citizens of Palau only. Some documents may not be listed. For an exhaustive list and information, please check out the official website of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: If you have further questions about the infographic, email to Joleen Ngoriakl at By Joleen Ngoriakl (@jngoriakl) www.facebook/ThinkBigPalau The Bottom Line In order to avoid employment verification problems, apply for a Social Security Card State Driver License/I.D. right away. You will need your Palau Passport, a Palau Driver License,and/or Birth Certificate (this varies by state so just make sure you bring at least 2 forms of Palau identification documents). Once obtained, use your State I.D. and SS card when applying for jobs. An employer cannot ask for extra docs once you provide a U.S. I.D. and Social SecurityCard for it violates the INA. The other way is to obtain an Employment AuthorizationDocumentation (EAD Form I-766). Use your EAD when applying for work in place of a U.S. I.D and Social Security Card. We have a right to choose which documentsto present. An employer cannot ask for extra documentsaccording to INA. Sources:;; and Tip: FAFSA and Other Non-employment Forms The Best Documents to Bring The Other Option Whatever docs you decide to use make sure you don't lose your passport and especially your I-94. Think of your I-94 as your golden ticket. When filling out the FAFSA for collegefinancial assistance, check the"EligibleNoncitizen" status. You don't need a Visaor Green Card. For all other forms that ask for your "Alien Registration Number," enter the "Departure Number" printed on the top left corner of your I-94. That is yourAlien Registration Number for officialpurposes.
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