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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 As an American citizen, you have the rights to do things as you wish as long as youdon't interfere with other's rights. As a citizen, it is yourduty to pay taxes oncea year. This isrequirmentpays for education andmany other important things. It is a responsibility of the citizens to stay upto date with the news about what's going on in our country. You have the rightto watch anythingwant, like football,which is a tradition in many American families. RIGHTS Responsibilities Duties In the Constitution,it says that you havethe freedom ofspeech, meaningthatyou can protestand voice your opinion. You can eat and drinkwhatever you want to. The government can't control what you put in your body. Responsibilities are something that citizens aren't required to do,but are voluntary and are good for the community. American Citizens don'thave to vote for the next leader, but they have a choice to vote for who they want. One of the main duties is to follow the law, because if people don't staysafe, then there arebig consequenses. Citizenship of America Citizenship of America Duties are somethingthat all citizens of America are required to do because theyare what keep thecountry united. A big responsibility is finding a job. It isn't something you have to do, but if you don't, then you end up on the streets. Jury duty is when you are called upon to be part of the jury in court. You are required to go unless something much more important comes up.
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