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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CITIES Economic Advantages Environmental Disadvantages Many forms of Transportation are found throughout cities, ranging from trains, to ferries, taxis to buses.This, along with the ease of access to school,shops and hospitals, naturally, make citiesan ideal place to live.Additionally, several goods and services are available, such as cinemas, theatres and convention centres. Cities offer access to work, industry, trade and income. Multiple big businesses and companies are based in cities, because of the large population of people found in cities. Therefore, these companies are able to obtain a lot of customers. Social Advantages Social Disadvantages Due to the large amount of cars, people, factories and industries found in a city,air, water and soil pollution is inevitable. In order to expand cities, the natural land must be cleared. (Forests and grasslands are cleared,lakes and wetlands are drained,rivers are diverted or damned and soft earth is replaced with concrete and roads.) This is very damaging to the fauna and flora of that area. The rise in population in cities can cause overcrowding, traffic congestion,as well as rise the prices of houses. (Because of the limited space in cities andthe demand for houses.)There is also competition for resources because of the large population. This also includes services, hencemedical appointments and the like, can have very long waiting lists. Yellow Taxi's in New York Overcrowding in China
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