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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of cities Social Advantages: The advantages of cities can be divided into social and economic advantages. There is a wide range of social advantages that a city can offer. A good range of goods and services are sold within the CBD region, including essential services such as; water, electricity, public transport, schools,universities and many more. Easy access is one great advantage of livingin the city. Most hospitals, schools and other services are all located in the city, including entertainment services such as casinos, movie theatres, sport centres and galleries. Economic Advantages: The advantages cities give to the economyare of access to work, trade and income. - Job and work opportunities are availableto those who live in the city.- Main bases of large companies usuallybase their offices in the city.- People who live in the city have betteraccess to transport links; highways, ports, railways, airports. Environmental Disadvantages: The Disadvantages of cities can be;- Air or water pollution from factories, electricity use water use and many more - loss of some plants and nature for land Social disadvantages The social disadvantages of cities;- traffic congestion- rises in the cost of housing, food and utilities- waiting times for schools, public transport and medical care.- rates of crimes committed Disadvantages of cities can be divided into two categories; Environment and Social.
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