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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] The Three Billy Goats Gruff A re-telling using proper APA citation style Once upon a time, in a barn in the valley, there lived three billy goats gruff (Fredericks, p. 90,2009). They were hungry, but in order to get to the sweet grass, they had to cross a bridge (Schlosser, 2014). Under the bridge, there was a troll who was both nasty and ugly (Bender, p. 68, 1994). One by one each scared billygoat made it over the bridge by tellingthe troll his brother was coming (Major, 1999). At last the third and biggest billy goat gruff crossed the bridge, bucking the troll into the water below, never to be seen again (Riley, 2012). Fredericks, A. (2009). The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In Fairy Tales Readers Theatre. SantaBarbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. BOOK Schlosser, S. (2014, December 13). Three Billy Goats Gruff. Retrieved February 2, 2015. WEBSITE Bender, R. (1994). TheThree Billy Goats Gruff. Children's Books, 48(1), 64-74. Retrieved February 2, 2015,from Social Sciences Citation Index. JOURNAL Major, R. (1999, November 1). Fairy Tale Rap: The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Plays: The Drama Magazine for Young People, 51-53. BLOG Rieley, A. (2012, June 14). All a Bit Billy GoatsGruff. Retrieved from MAGAZINE APA CITATION STYLE
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