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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 While citing can be a pain, it is required, and also becomes quite easy once you get the hang of it! On this poster, we'lltake a look at somecitations that you will most likely encounter in yourclasses. Example 2: WebsitesYou're probably going to get a lot of your informationfor projects through internet reasearch, which means you'llhave to cite the websites where you find good info.Here is an example of aworks cited citation of a website:Last name, Initials. (Date published). Article title. URL.For example:Noseworty, M.N. (February 1st, 2015). How to cite. Retrieved from in text citation would be similar tohow you cite in text for a book:(Noseworthy, 2015). For this these examples, we will be looking at citations in the APA format, as it's one of the most common formats of citation. Example 4: VideosYou'll most likely consultvideos just as much as websitesin your projects, so it's importantto cite even websites like youtubeif you get information from their videos.Here is an example of a Works Cited Citation:Last name, Initials or Author screen name. (Date posted). Video title[video file]. Retrieved from URL.Noseworthy, M.N. (Feb. 1st 2015). How to Cite [video file]. Retrieved from'll probably have started noticing a pattern with APA in text citations; they're mostly the same!(Noseworthy, 2015) Example 1: Book citationsWhen you write your essays in english class, you will have to cite the book you write an essay on because you'll have to reference it. Here's an example of normal APAstyle regular and in text citation of The Wars by Timothy Findley:Works Cited Citation (this will befound at the end of your essay: Findley. T, (1977). The Wars. New York: Delacorte Press/S. Lawrence.In text citation: "quote from book" (Findley. 1977). Example 3: ImagesImages can be tough tocite due to lack of info available. Here is the ideal amount of info you want:Artist Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Title of the artwork [Format]. Retrieved from URL (address of web site)If there's little to no info available, you can use something like this:Lets say, we were doing a biology project and had a picture of a brain. [Subject and type of work]. Retrieved from URL (address of web site)[Biology project]. Retrieved from URL (website where you found the picture). *make sure to rememberthat even if you paraphraseinstead of using wholequotes, you still needan in text citation!
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