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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Circulatory System By: Andrea Brenstrom What Is The Circulatory System? The circulatory system is the path blood takes when it delvivers oxygen and nutrients to the body. Circulation Of Blood! Blood travels through blood vessels that reach every part of the body. There are arteries that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart and there are veins that carry CO2 filled blood to the lungs to get oxygen. The Structure Of The Heart! The heart is a organ that pushes blood to other parts of the body the left side of the heart pushes blood that hasn't been oxygenated to the lungs and the right side pushes blood that is oxygenated to other parts of the body. What Is In Blood? Plasma-sugars and fats and gasses that make up 90% of blood Hemoglobin-attaches oxygen together do give it to the body and it also helps carry back co2Platelets- stop cuts from bleeding by binding together Parts of the circulatory system! Atriums are filled with blood returning from the body and lungs the right one is filled with oxygenated blood the left is not oxygenated.Ventricles arewhere blood is pumped out of the heart and sent to either the lungs or the body. The right is filled with oxygenated blood the left is not oxygenated.Cellular respiration is how blood gets to your body.Artery carrys blood away from your heart and to other parts of the body.Viens carry blood to the heart to go to the lungs.Capillaries connect arteries to veins.Your lungs are responsible for breathing. Alveoli are air sacs that oxygen goes into to go into capillaries and co2 goes into to be exhaled.
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