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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cinderella Call to Adventure Status Quote The movie is started about a woman named Cinderella. Her mom died and a step mom had to take care of her with 2 other step sisters. Cinderella is the only person who has to take care of the house. double click to change this title text! Cinderella wanted to go to the ball with the prince but had to stay home and clean while the other sisters went to the ball. Cinderella was trying to find a way to go. Assistance Cinderella was helped by her fairy god mother. The fairy god mother dressed Cinderella in a nice dress and gave her a ride in a horse carriage to the ball. Departure Cinderella's god mother took her to the ball and told her she has till 12 until the special spell wore off. Trials Cinderella headed off to the ball to meet and dance with the prince. Approach First Cinderella hid off from her sisters and tried to find the prince until the clock struck 12. Crisis The clock was getting closer to 12 and Cinderella couldn't find the prince. Treasure Cinderella finally met the prince and got to dance with him and give him a chance to meet her. The prince liked her and wanted to marry Cinderella. Result Return Cinderella's spell broke at 12 but was able to return safely without the prince seeing, New Life Once the prince met Cinderella again he asked to marry her and took her to live with him instead of being stuck as a house slave. Resolution Cinderella lived happily ever after in the princes castle.
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