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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 St. Catherine of Siena Was an Italian Mystic,and said she was called to become a messenger of peace.Though Mystics were considered threats to the Church.She believed it was her duty to right a great wrong, the Great Schism. Doing that, she tried to convince the Pope at the time to return to Papacy. She approached this in a peaceful way. But still could be considered drawing the clergy from Church teachings. The Church during the reformation The Church at the time was the reason why so many tried to reform. Popes were not religious figures but kings with a political view in mind. They requested money for so called " Church Events. But it went into the Popes, Bishops and ecspecially the Kings pocket. They made it sound like giving to the Church was going to save your soul. And most believed them because of the fact they gave clothes, food, housing, absolution, Communion, last rights, and Baptism. The church did not want to give up that deal. Similarities Even though you may see, they are all working for the same cause, it doesn't mean it is a good thing. St.Catherine of Siena she approached the situation in a peaceful situation. Not going on a violent rampage.Girolamo Savonarola approached the situation so coruptly for all his efforts he still was not canonized as a Saint. He approached it as a crusade and war.he looted villages, stole art, food, money, and valuables.Martin Luther in a way did both. He was doing it in a peaceful way but yet, was in the Churches face about it to push them into reform.The bottom line is though they did not have many similarities but the biggest one was they were all Mystics, which were considered threats to the Church Girolamo Savonaorla Was a Dominican Monk who was stationed in Florence Italy. He also believed he was called to reform the Church. But heLaunched a Crusade to reform the Church.He gained so much power in Florence, that people burned booksand openly broke Church laws. He condemned people of the Church for their Impure life style.Eventually the Pope, tired of his disobedience excommunicated him from the Church.After that he was arrested by the people ofFlorence and was burned at the stake in Piazza Della Signoria in 1498. St. Catherine of Siena & Girolamo Savonarola
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