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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WAKNUK DISCRIMINATES AGAINST THE FRINGES WAKNUK DISCRIMINATES AGAINST THE FRINGES FRINGES What is the Image of God? The Image of GOD In the book The Chrysalids they mention the Image of God. They mention this because they think that everyone needs to have the Image of God in order to be normal. The image of god is how someone is supposed to look. In the book it says ...... and shall have one foot and each foot 5 toes. But one of the characters named Sophie has 6 toes so that means Sophie doesn't have the image of God as being perfect. Being the image of god means that all should have 5 toes and 5 hands but Sophie has 6 toes so she isnt the image of God.The image of god is also important because in the book people are discriminated against when not having theright about of toes or feet or if they have to many. They are discriminated against because people fear them and don't like how they have to many body parts. Waknuk What is Waknuk? How was it created? Waknuk is a place located in Newfoundland.In the book The Chrysalids the town was created in the 21st century. When the town was created there was a nuclear war so everyone got nuked and it had set back the place a couple hundred years. So they dont have any technology or other things they normally would to help create the town. The town was created by someone named Elias Storm (Davids Grandfother). The town was created because the town Elias grew up in wasnt religious enough for him.So he created this town to be religious. Waknuk And Obesity Waknuk And Obesity Both in the book The Chrysalids and people who are obese are discriminated against in the same way. Even though being obese and having an extra finger are two totally different things they can still be discriminated against in the same way. One example is how people make names for others who were obese and they also make up names for people who lived in the fringes who look different. Another example is how once they found out the Group was psychic they had to leave even though everyone thought them of normal before people found out that they were psychic and different. Also if someone turns obese because they eat too much, theyd also be made fun of even though they are still thesame person. They would be made fun of no matter what because people know that there still the same person or just met them. Another way people are discriminated in the book is how Sophie was born with an extra toe and she kept it hidden and then once others found out about it she had to move to the Fringes and she wouldnt have to if people could have accepted her. Also in real life people might try to hide their obesity so that others might not make fun of them because they dont want others noticing them being obese. In the real world people who are obese have little self confidence because they are treated so poorly. For example someone obese might not want to be soon because of his/her self confidence. Another example of this would be how in The Chrysalids people who live in the Fringes have low self confidence because people in Waknuk dont treat them as an equal and think of them as a bad person. In the book The Chrysalids the people have low self confidence because people look at them differently and think of them as different or weird. In both of these ways the groups or individuals are being shunned by others because they look different and they cant control it. Waknuk and Obesity are descriminated against in many ways Discrimination on Obesity Background Information Obesity is something that you could either be born with or you could get as you are older. You couldnt control being born with obesity because you can't change the way that you are born. But as you get older you can be obese from eating too much. Obesity is something that many people have that is not bad or good. Its not good because you can get many heart problems from it. On the other hand it's not bad because its something that you might like to beor something that you might want to be. How are they discriminated against? Many people are discriminated against for being obese. Even though some people feel horrible deep inside about it. Some things that people do to discriminated against is being called names, not liking there looks, no support, poor grades, denied jobs, paid less, and no self confidence. An example of this would be how an officer who worked as a police woman got demoted for failing a weight loss program. Another example would be how someone named Kenneth Walker had said something on the lines of: For there own good overweight people should be locked in lockers. There are so many things that people do and have no clue hurts others feelings because they dont think before they think.
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