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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented World War 1Section 3TopicsRevolution in RussiaBattle of the Argonne ForestGerman allies surrenderConvoy system Convoy System Before the convoy system, German U-boats sank 1 of 4 British ships that left port.When the Allies started using the convoy system, It reduced shipping losses from 900,000 tons per monthto 300,000 tons per month.The convoy system worked well, and not one American Soldier was lost on the way to europe. Revolution in Russia During World War 1, the Russian people suffered.During that time, Russia had a Democratic Government.V. I. Lenin returned to Russia from Switzerland with the help of Germany.Lenin then led a communist uprising and gained control over Russia's government.Russia then choose to withdrawal from the war.Russia's participation in the war ended with the treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Battle of the Argonne forest The Battle of the Argonne Forest lasted 7 weeks, from early-September to Mid-November.Over 500,000 american's participated in the battle.The battle became known as the most massive attack in American history.After the Allies won the battle, Germany was now faced with an invasion of there own countrry. Germany's allies surrender In late 1918, Germany's allies, Austria-Hungary and The Ottoman Empire surrendered to the that time, The Ottoman Empire was on the brink of collapse, and a revolution engulfed Austria-Hungary.Then countries like Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia declared there independence from both allies.Both countries surrendered to the allies by Early-November. Chris Wallisky
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