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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 [}Christmas{] Funny quotes! Amazing facts! The definition of Christmas! The trueexamples of christmas! Some Cool Statistics! Here are some funny quotes made for christmas! Number 1!"BAH HUMBUG!" -Scrooge (Ah... the classics never get old!)...And now for no.2! (this one isn't actually funny at all, I ran out of ideas) "Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone." -Charles M. Schulz. And... that pretty much wraps up the quotes for today! Get more on Quotes National! Today, I come bearing gifts of knowledge! These two amazing facts about christmas that will BLOW YOUR MIND! (Not really) Number one! The earliest christmas tree EVER FOUND was from 1570. Before it was even declared a national holiday. Seems legit. Second fact! The largest snowman EVER BUILT was... only 113 feet tall. Dissapointment. Still massive, but... where did they get the carrot? Find more awesome facts on...Wikipedia! Here are some amazing stats about christmas! Number 1! Canada produces somewhere in between 3-6 million christmas trees EVERY YEAR! (I kind of expected more trees than that) Second stat! Christmas is celebrated by... 2 BILLION PEOPLE worldwide... not even a quarter of the entire world population... (it is understandable, considering all the people that live in starving countries). Anyways, hope you liked this paragraph! find out more stats like this at some random site on the internet! Time for the true definition of christmas! It is.. get ready... 'The annual celebration of Christ's birth'. WOOHOO! now we all now what christmas is. exciting, isn't it? Here are some examples of christmas! First, as expected, is Santa! Hooray! Santa is the main attraction of christmas, as everybody knows, so I had to put him in this. Second example! RUDOLPH! The best red nosed reindeer around! Since he guides Santa's sleigh, I decided to put him in this with the fat man himself! If you want more examples, just look on the internet for a while! You'll be sure to find something. See you next time!
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