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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Christina Rosetti Loved poetryInspired by Dante AlighieriVery religious (Parental influence) Born: 12/5/1830 Home schooledFather worked as a teacher at Kings College Teen years/Engagement James CollinsonEnded becausehe reverted to Catholicism Charles CayleyShe refuses to marry him for religious reasons John BrettHe gets turned down as well Christina grows up all alone She begins to create poetry and make a name forherself 1847: First poems"Death's Chill Between"and "Heart's ChillBetween" These works werepresented in theAthenaeum Her pen name became Ellen Alleyne Under her penname, she contributedto a magazinecalled "The Germ" 1862: She publishesher most famous work: "Goblin Market" This, as well as other poems, made her themain female poet of her time Died: 12/29/1894Age 64Her works were widelyrecognized for several years even after herpassing Her poems largely dealtwith romance (how ironic)and attracted theattention of many people at the time. However, many of such poems and then some dealwith death and sadness... "So they two went together in glowingAugust weather,The honey-breathing heather lay to their left and right;""Amor Mundi" Two days ago with dancing glancing hair,With living lips and eyes:Now pale, dumb, blind, she lies; So pale, yet still so fair."My Friend" Poems such as these,and many others, seemed to be moreof a foreshadowing.At least, perhaps, in her own mind.
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