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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Her work Christina Rossetti Religion Strong Anglican upbringingVery active in her faithHer writing holds a lot of religion centered ideas Society Lived during the English Victorian Era (1837-1901)Society was run by a code of respectability, decorum, and moralityPeople were suppose to act refined and believed that a organized, somewhat strict lifestlyle would improve life Artistic movementThe followers embraced realismUsed symbols in their artworkFocosed on acceptance of death and giving up earthly pleasures Pre-Raphaelite Movement What Influenced Her Writing? 1830-1894 Personal Life Weak health her whole lifeFather died at a young ageSpent much of her time in solitude since her mother and siblings had to workRejected several offers of marraige because of religious views Christina's writing shows her strong religious beliefs through the use of symbolism"Up-Hill": "Shall I find comfort, travel sore and weak?" (the comfort/resting place being heaven) Her poem "Maude Clare" contains hints about the kind of society she lived in: a strict, refined society where much of a women's value was based on her marriage and child rearing; neither of which Christina was able to do Her writing also held grief and doudt about life and what it means to liveHer Poem "Remember" shows some of her inner thoughts about life after we die (possibly because she experienced death of loved ones in her life)and it also focuses on the theme of giving up earthly desires; a popular Pre-Raphealite artistic theme "Remember":"Yet if you should forget me for not grieve...Better by far you should forget me and smile than that you should remember and be sad."(giving up the earthly disire of loving someone)
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