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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charles Dickens Where did he start life? Do you know about the Victorian Age? The Victorian Agelasted from 1837-1901. What were some foods that poor Victorians ate? Charles was born on Febuary 7th, 1812 and lived with his Mom and Dad. When Charles was 10, his family moved to London England. Unfortunately they could not pay for an education for Charles any longer. Charles then beganwork at the age of 12 at Waren's Blacking Warehouse. Charles died onJune 9th, 1870. The Industrial Revolution occoured during this time period. Workhouses werecreated to helppoor Victorianswho struggled forfood, money, and a home. Who read Charles books during Victorian times? Everyone form Queen Victoria to street sweepers read his books. In Victorian housesyou could findmany rooms with differentpurposes anduses. Victorian homes also hadservantsused tokeep the house clean. -Bread-Cheese-Gruel-Potatoes-Suet Pudding with Vegtables What books were written by the author? - The PickWick Papers- A Christmas Carol - A Tale of Two Cities - A Message From the Sea- The Chimes Charles Dickens was an amazing manwho lived a very fulfilled life.I am still amazed how his booksaffected people in different waysthroughout the world. DuringVictorian times, Dickens' books wereso popular that everyone wasreading them. This was very impressivesince there were somany people living back then that didn't know about him until after his firstfew novels.I think the Victoriantimes were the most elegant times of allwith their antiques and all the beautiful things that helped theof starting our country. The Victorian timeswere very crucial becausewithout them we would have no country developed.Overall, Charles changed the lives of many living in America with the power of his books and great words.
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