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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 California Gurls Katy Perry Outkast Hey Ya *resources Christianity Timeline 30 A.D.-1544 A.D. Jesus' Death Pentecost: Disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit 30 A.D. 40 A.D. 1st use of the term "Christian" 49 A.D. Council of Jerusalem:argued whether men and women born Jews would be excused from Jewish law 64 A.D. 1st Christian persecution:because they refused toworship Roman gods and denied Roman emperor was a god, Christians were persecuted Gospels of Mark, Luke & Matthew, and John 70, 80-90, 100 A.D. 303 Diocletion issues edicts for Great Persecution 313 Constantine issues Edict of Milan to grant religious tolerance for Rome. 381 Council at Constantinople:proved that the Holy Spirit is fully divine 431 Council at Ephesus:affirmed that Maryis the Mother of God. 451 Council at Chalcedon:greatest of the four councils;affirmed Jesus was 1 person w/ 2 natures (divine and human) 800 Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III 1054 Schism breaks Church into Eastern and Western 1099 First Crusade:took control of Jerusalem tosave Christianity 1204 Fourth Crusade:unnecessary taking of Constantinople 1215 Fourth Lateran Council:all aspects of Catholic life was discussed;Catholics must receive Eucharist once a year; transubstantiation 1305 Pope Clement V moved papacy to Avignon, France 1377 Pope Gregory XI moved papacy back to Rome 1305-1417 Great Schism of the West:Two popes claiming to be the true pope at the same time 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses(needed reforms of Church) 1544 Council of Trent:proved Prostistant beliefs against the Church wrong
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