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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 151 151 your artboard Christian Persecution Christian Persecution TODAY TODAY 2.18 BILLION countries 151 151 100 MILLION NORTH KOREA'SPRISON CAMPSBECAUSE FAITH IS OUTLAWED FAMILY LIFE CIVIL LIFE COMMUNITY LIFE CHURCH LIFE of religious discrimination is against Christians Legend: Extreme Persecution Severe Persecution people believe Jesus Christ is God 50,000 - 70,000 CHRISTIANS SUFFER DAILY IN Moderate Persecution 80 % Strict blasphemy laws in the Islamic nation Pakistan limit freedom of speech for Christians. Rural communities dominated by Muslims in Northern Nigeria often limit Christians' access to water and education. Somalia: Conversion from Islam to Christianity may lead to immediate execution. UZBEKISTAN: Christians have been imprisoned for distributing Bibles. LIBYA: Libyans are forbidden to host any religious meetings that are not Islamic. INDIA: Some states have adapted 'anti-conversion' laws and pastors have been beaten and killed. Christians dieeach month for their faith 180 180 In Vietnam, churches are under surveillance by the Communist dictatorship and Buddhist leaders. Made by Dani Corona. 2014. Persecution impacts all aspects of life. Persecution impacts all aspects of life. 100 K 100 K Anavg.of persecuting countries have violence from Islamic extremists. 41 41 of the top Christian women have been forced to marry Muslim men in Sudan. 50 50 Christians died from persecution each year in the past decade Map courtesy of Open Doors. Data from Open Doors, Pew Research Center, and International Society for Human Rights. Icons from Yorlmar Campos, Erik Wagner, Carlotta Zampini, and Simple Icons on the Over are persecuted in
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