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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 8 Facts about explorationand the westernworldveiw Economic SystemsTrade lead to many economic systems expanding. Forexample thetrade economywent through theroof with explorationanas well as other things Exchange of goods and productsEuropean exploration and discoverylead to the redistribution of plantsand animals.This gave an exchange of many different things from wealth to disease. This was both good and bad for thepeople of the world. This lead to a new and greater economy and helped bond the Europeans and Americans SpainAnother exploration power housewas Spain. They lead manygreat explorations and exploredmany places. They helpedexploration much like the English.It was a very competitive countrywhich shows muchlike it's soccer succes today. ImperialismExploration wasn'tall good. Manycountries took over other countriesand that is what imperialismis. A country takes overanother country. over other countries It lead toimperialism. Peoplewanted more and morecontrol. Empire's beganand people wantedmore control. EnglandEngland was a powerhouse when it came to exploration.It became the envy of the world. They discovered many thingsand were a big partof exploration. How didexploration begin.Portugal, Spain,France andEngland became wealthy. They used this wealth to explore and discover. ExplorationThe spirit of exploration was something that heavily affected the westernworldview. This sprouted tradewhich sprouted wealth.Wealth made the rennisance. National Identity and CitizenshipDuring the renaissancepeople began to have a sense of belonging and citizenship. This was also crucial because people who didn't want tobe part of it left making newsocietys.
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