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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHINESE ZODIAC THE STORY OF THE ZODIAC ANIMALS The Jade Emperor Yùhuáng Dàdì decided to hold a race to decide which animals will represent the 12 months on the lunar calendar, because people did not know how to count the years. So on the morning of the Jade Emperors birthday all the animals had a race through the forest and across the river and the first 12 animals to get across the river would have a year named after it. YEARS OF THE OX 1901 19 Feb 1901 - 07 Feb 1902 1913 06 Feb 1913 - 25 Jan 1914 1925 24 Jan 1925 - 12 Feb 1926 1937 11 Feb 1937 - 30 Jan 1938 1949 29 Jan 1949 - 16 Feb 1950 1961 15 Feb 1961 - 04 Feb 1962 1973 03 Feb 1973 - 22 Jan 1974 1985 20 Feb 1985 - 08 Feb 1986 1997 07 Feb 1997 - 27 Jan 1998 2009 26 Jan 2009 - 14 Feb 2010 WELL KNOWN PEOPLE BORN ON THE YEAR OF THE OX - Hitler- Meryl Streep- Barrack Obama- Pablo Picasso- Vincent Van Goh- Walt Disney TRAITS OF AN OX People born in the year of the OX are hard working and are very stubborn. People born in the year of the OX also tend to classify things in to two major categories, good or bad. They have a long lifespan and don't get ill much. The ox is compatible with the snake and the rooster. The ox is not compatible with the monkey, the sheep, the pig and popular belief that the ox shouldn't be housed with the tiger. WESTERN SUPERSTITION People born under the star sign Taurus are supposed to be quite quiet, actually they are not. They speak at a slow pace. They like to be leisurely, calm and free. They can hold stress quite well and normally take up careers in athletics, journalism and researcher. BIBLIOGRAPHY - avelchinaguide. com/intro/soc ial_customs/zo diac/ox/astrol ogy-personalit y.htm- http://www.m signox.htm- http://www.c hinese-astrolo ml
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