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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chinese Human Migration Many Chinese men and woman try to make it back home as fast as possible by using any means necessary. This known as the largest human migration because 1.35 billion people make 3.6 billion journeys. Slide by Patrick O'Connor Introduction Citations t Transportation China has a lot of strain in its transportation this time of year especially in the railroad industry. China spent billions of dollars building the worlds largest network of high speed trains. These railroads can only accommodate 220 million people, only 10% of spring festival travelers. Health Many migrants returning home have suffered from illnesses during the trip. Migrants from 100-120 million have been receiving medical intention. It mostly depends on younger or older generations. Tradition The tradition of the Spring Festivalis to spend time with family.Some have to leave their hometown or travel the country to be with distant relatives. Summary The human migration is a big travel from city to country to be with relatives during the spring festival. There will be problems like health or travel along the way, some people might not be able to make it, but most people do.
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