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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Recipes of Chinese civilization LEARN MORE China POLITICS Economics INTELLECT SOCIAL Social Achievements HAN Paper Make sure to zoom in! Polotics is essential to a strong empire. Han China had a few important emperors. One of them was Liu Bang. Liu was the onethat founded the han dynasty. He was more of conquerer type emperor and didn't take the peaceful way out. Once he tookdown rival kings he established a centralized government. Once completed, he won over the people by lowering taxes, and was more reasonable with the laws he made. Even though he may have fought to arrive to emperor, he kept the empire at a peaceful and financially stable state. Liu Bang practiced Confucianism, which lead to people having to learn about it in order to be higher up in polotics. It brought more knowledge and reasoning, and the Chinese thought it would be essential to the Gov. Other important key points are:-Monopoly: When a group has a certain amount of control over what goes in and out of the empire-Civil Cervice: government jobs that people earned from taking multiple examinations; up to about 18. Economics is very important in an empire because it is what keeps people supplied with food and keeps riches cycling. China had a lot of specialties, from gold, to other natural resources, so since they did have these things, they did what we did best, which was trade. Trading was very effective to spreading culture and making money. Once the silk roads became a powerful source, they used it to their advantage. Using the silk roads, China used middlemen to spread the goods from China to other thriving empires, to becomerich itself. This made China become the most powerful empire (Economically). Kevin Gray A2 The civilians make up the society. In the society, there were different ways that people lived. They all had to pay a certain amount of taxes. They worked for their money. Some practiced Confucianism. Others just lived life the way they thought it should be. Anyways, they all made up a social class. Social classes worked like this: At the top, there was the emperor. Next came the king or governor. This made up the highest class. The middle class consisted of nobles, scribes, merchants, artisans, surprisingly peasants, and state officials. The lowest class made up of slaves and soldiers. If you wanted to get high up in the social class, you would probably want to take part in civil cervice. You would work with the government. Confucianism was also very important. You would need reason and knowledge if you wanted to work with the government.Other info:-Peasants were actually very important because they worked the farms which brought the food to civilians. -Soldiers guarded the walls of the empire, of course just in case any surprise invasions took place.-Emperors were considered to be divine because they were said to be the link between heaven and earth. If the gods werepleased by the emperor, they would flourish and thrive. If the opposite, then there would be death and destruction.-Everyone in the social class had to pay taxes. China had so many intellectual achievements that it made it one of the smartest and most advanced empires. There are differentachievements for different categories. First, has to be food. As the population in China grew, farmers needed to figure out a wayof getting more finished in a short period of time. They invented the collar harness for horses. This was made so horses couldpull heavier loads, which made food production faster in China than in any other place. Next were the 2 bladed plows, the wheelbarrow, the watermill, and others in order to catch up with the fast growing population. Next, is education. The productionof paper was one of the most significant moves in Chinese intellectual history. The invention of paper boosted learning, boosted the production of book which could be educational, and keeping records better. The government used to always write on just plainwood, but after paper was invented, records could be made easier and it expanded the bureaucracy because of it. These were not the only reasons. Mathematics and medicine improved too. Acupuncture helped aid pains and different symptoms. Althoughthis was more present in the song dynasty, events leading to the invention of acupuncture were proved. CITATIONS: Multiple facts from History 9 Textbook; Images from Google
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