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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hotel Paris Transportation Language Landmarks 5 star hotel located in Paris Food Hotel Paris No.1 recommendedhotel for Chinese tourists!! It provides a buffet for breakfast and restaurantswill open for lunch and dinner. For all meals, there will be a choice of multi-cultural food and traditional french food.There is a special section for Chinese food. All staffs in the hotel are able to speak and understand all types of Chinese (mainly Mandarinand Cantonese). There are French and English lessons available in thehotel to learn daily useconversations. Transportation is very convenientfrom this hotel. The nearest bus stop will take 3 minutes walk and the nearest subway will take 5 minutes by walking. If customersdo not feel comfortable going on a public bus or subway, there are many places nearby where customers could go by walking. There are also taxis outside the lobby. Lastly, the key is thatthe airport is nearby and is easy to get to the hotel from the airport. Eiffle Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in Paris is near the hotel and there is a beautiful landscape of the Eiffle Tower from some of the room windows. It is reachablein 5 minutes by car. There is also another landmark near Eiffle Tower called Parc du Champs de Mars. It is a greenspace between Eiffle Tower and Ecole Militaire. Hotel Paris is the no.1 recommendedhotel for Chinese tourists because of services are decided from what Chinese people like and enjoy. There are free Chinese tea and snacks in every room, it is made sure that no Chinese customersget rooms in the fourth floor since it is an unlucky number for them. There is a placefor them to take their shoes off. LocalChinese TVs are accessible for customers.The bathroom and the shower is separated.All these room services and structures are based on Chinese people's daily living style.
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