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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chinese River Dolphin The Yangtze River Dolphin grows to be about 2.6 meters long and weighs about 368 lbs. The animal is very shy and graceful. It had a bluish-grey color becoming whitish on the underside, it had a very long ,narrow beak with slightly unturned tip and small eyes placed high on their face. Their diet consist of a variety of freshwater fish. tap and hold to changethis text! Controls population of fish, shrimp, and squid in the area. Where are they found? Lives in a lotic ecosystem, which includes rivers and streams, specifically in the Yangtze River in China They dont have very good vision but they make up for it with their echolocation to help them find food in the water. They tend to find their food sources mainly around the shallow water locations. These tend to be located around the mouth of the tributaries of the river or close to the sand bank locations Population of the Chinese River Dolphin: The Chinese River Dolphin is now extinct due to human impacts. In 2001, China tried to help the preservation of the dolphins, but China had little money to aid further with the Dolphins. Baiji are important culturally as they have long been protected by custom. In the past, the fat of accidentally killed individuals was used for medicinal purposes and the flesh consumed. The current plight of baiji--designated a national treasure of the first order by Chinahas raised awareness of the need for conversation of river systems worldwide. Baiji have to compete with humans for food within all their habitat. Fishing gear alone causes over half of dolphin deaths, with many others being caused by run-ins with boat propellers.
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