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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Accidental or unplanned growth in mobileapplications can lead to unmanaged dataconsumption in the enterprise. of mobile applications - discarded mobile apps stillconsuming data in an unmanaged state - is on the rise. Energy, Happiness, Good Luck Red Envelopes and Gift Exchange The % relative cost to add a simple approvalworkflow mobile app to a large enterprisetransformation effort. ... within increasing management needs Typical Amount Given: Elders (especially your parents and grandparents): always 4002,000 yuanYounger generation without income,such as the children close friends,relatives and colleagues: always 50200 yuanOwn children: always 100 yuan to the amount you happy to giveEmployees: always 1001,000 yuan 2 ... of all SAP customersplan a mobile effort, but ... 80% The giving of the red envelopes with money inside is supposed to bring the receiver blessings and more happiness. Zombification For more information on planning and readiness for mobile and cloud computing visit Our complimentary SAP Experts briefing on data governance for mobile computing may be found at (login required). * informal crowd poll of 40 SAP customersbased on $US 1-5 Million enterprisetransformation effort size (services only). * source: SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (2012) 30% ... of all organizationshave a mobile strategy.
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