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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Desserts Appetizers Main Dishes Overview Families are reunited and those who usually live away from family come home for the celebration. The dinner is typically held in the home of the most senior member of the family.This is the most important dinner for a Chinese family becauseit is the one time a family that has been apart has an excuse to come together. It is a time when a family will be brought together without life interfering, and for families to strengthen their ties with all of their family members, distantor close. Most families eat at home but now in modern times restaurants also serve traditional reunion dinner food for those who do not have time to cook. Reunion dinners are held on the eve of Chinese New Year. Filled with barbecue pork and vegetables; symbolize wealth; their shape and color resemblea long gold bar. The round meat signifies reunion.Made with glutinous rice that turns a pearly color. Cantonese word for lettucesounds like good fortune. Filled with other lucky foods. A vegetarian dishthat is served by the Chinese on New Year's Eveand the first day of the New Year. Traditionally fed to the Chinese Kitchen Godfor him to report favorably on the family for the year to come, this cake ismainly made up of glutinous rice flour and dried fruit; symbolizes togethernessand a rich life. Usually served boiled; almost all families serve this dish for Chinese New Year because it is thought that even the poorest families can afford chicken. Eaten primarily in Northern China. It is said that the preparation is like packing luck inside of the dumpling; it symbolizes prosperity. Made from freshly ground chestnuts (representing the dust of the Mongolian Desert) and paired with whipped cream. Usually served either with pickled cabbage and chili, steamed in vinegar sauce, or boiled in spicy broth. In Chinese, the word"fish" sounds like the word "surplus." Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner andCustomary Food Reunion Dinner andCustomary Food Tamara and Sarah Spring Rolls: Pearl Balls: Lettuce Wraps: Buddha's Delight (羅漢齋): Sticky Cake (Nian Gao): Chicken: Jiaozi (dumplings): Fish (): Sesame Seed Balls (Zeen Doy): Peking Dust: Lettuce Wraps: Made withglutinous rice flour and filled with red bean paste. rolled in sesame seeds and fried. Sources
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