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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHINESE ART Painting = hand-scrolls, hanging scrolls, fans, and album leaves; porcelianArchitecture = courtyard style houses; expresses philosophy about family and social position Sculpture = mostly terra-cotta and some rockOrigin: ChinaTime Period: Prehistoric to Present - 9,000 rooms- Named because only the royal court could enter.- Largest and most complex Chinese architecture in existence- Focus is on Hall of Supreme Harmony The Forbidden CIty15th Century, Ming DynastyBejing, China Temple of Heaven1406-1420Beijing, China Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains1617, Ming Dynasty (Dong QiChang)Cleveland Museum of Art Army of Emperor Shi Huangdi(aka Terra-Cotta Warriors)c.210 BCE, Qin DynastyLintong, China - 8,000 terra-cotta warriors, 100 wooden chariots, 2 bronze chariots, 30,000 weapons- In the Tomb of Emperor Shi Huangdi- Emotions of confidence, some proud and fierce- Daoism is shown in each warrior- Discovered in 1974- Not one warrior is the same in characteristics - Thick impenetrable spaces alternating with open areas- Mountain forms strongly present- Negative space used to imply presents of clouds- Interlocking diagonals and curves- Piling up forms in radical arrangement -Foundation set on 3 levels of white marble-Emperors performed rituals here twice a year-Pagoda made of wood; three levels of roofs covered in ceramic blue tiles- Interior has 28 columns- Rebuilt in 1889 Additional Artists:- Ma Yuan- Shitao Characteristics: Monumental, Grand, DynastiesDaoism: emphasizes individual expression andstrongly embrace the philosophy of doing untoothers; yin and yangConfucianism: an ideal man whose attributes include loyality, morality, generosity, and humanity; important ingrediant is the respectfor traditional values. Pagoda: stupa, Buddhist building associated with India transformed;built for sacred purposes; repeatedlevels on top of eachother to createheight. Literi: rejected court art anddeveloped an individualized style;worked in many fields of work;scholars rather than pro artists;gave their painting to friends andconnoisseurs instead of sellingthem
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