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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CAREER AFTER CHINA So you've spent some time studying in China, you've mastered Chinese and now you want the world (especially, potential employers) to know - but how to reach them? iStudy 1. Set up a profile 2. Be active in China-related communities: On-line 3. Think beyond Chinese language skills: When applying for a job, highlight not only your language level and interest in China, but also other skills that you could gain only thanks to having studied abroad, e.g.: Soft skills adaptability,flexibility,communication skills,experience in a multicultural environment,open-mindedness. mark your language level,list your education in China,add skills that you gained during your stay in China,mention any club activities,provide information about any internships. First join groups,find like-minded people,get to know professionals from your field,apply for jobs,be up to date on relevant news and events, Next Online presence is important.Employers will definitely refer to Google before hiring you, so make sureyour online profiles are up to date and accurate! Don't rest on laurels!Continue enriching your CVand building professional networks. Soft skills are more difficult to measure than hard skills. They are usually referred to asor people skills join networking websites and give advice to future students,write guest articles for blogs and websites,be active on social mediaon pages and groups related to China,take part in discussions in internet forums,start your own website or a blog. find a non-profit organisation dealing with China,become a volunteer and teach children Chinese,speak at conferences about China,join organisation of cultural events related to China. Off-line interpersonal skills
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