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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Blue stripe represent universities in 1940's Red stripe represent universities in 2015 Top 25 universities in China in 1940's and 2015 Inequality of Education in China -- 1940's and 2015 Money spent on education by the government Money spent on education by the government The money spent on education was the second highest of the budget of the federal budget, just below the military budget, andlocal governments spent 50% of incomeson education. Having the second highest GDP in the world, the People's Republic of China only spendaround 2-3% of the GDP on education, this is even lower than many other developing countries such as Brazil. Students' meals and health care Students' meals and health care Even during the war time, the governmentoffer free education to 80% of students fromuniversities to even kindergarten. All studentshave sufficient food and free health care. In 2015, students in costal areas have bettereducational and health conditions than thosein the west. In many areas, students do nothave enough food and almost no students havefree or special health care. Number of students increased in 10 years Number of students increased in 10 years During the World War II, the number of studentsin China was increased by 200%, and the numberof students graduated from universities and highschools was increased by 350%. The entire popu-lation was decreased by 12%. In 10 years, the number of students in China wasincreased by 100%, and the number of studentsgraduated from universities was increased by250%. The entire population was increased by 6% Ziyu He 1940's 2015 何子彧
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