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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Apple Negative impacts Positive Impacts Social Impacts Environmental Impacts Discussing all the impacts of Apple producing in China Chin a in Economic impacts All the hard work by chinese employees only fetches them 2000 Yuan or roughly 300$ a month Apple has helped raise China's economy due to the multiplier effects as the Chinese workers earn more and spend more Apple have created a large amount of employment in the secondary sector Apple say in the media that they have taken environmental initiatives to improve the standards around the local community of their factories Huge amounts of pollution from many facories- Apple contribute to this Apple is standing by China, even though China's labour pool is pushing wages and working conditions up, in which other larg corporations are going elsewhere to produce their products Also Apple product have to be transported all over the world which increases transportation needs and burns more fossil fuels leading to more pollution Poor care of workforce- as relatively low pay, long working hours,few holidays Apple admitted more and more child labourors being accepted into factories which is morally not correct Numerous deaths been accounted for due to bad working condition's, long working hours(15 hours a day) and low pay(27 pounds a month) as well as tremendous pressures put on employees The Chinese employees do have better wages than before and a job rather than low wages or no job so people do havemore money to spend and be able to live a satisfactory as living costs in China are cheaper Proportion of Apple employees not affected by depression or suicidal thoughts Proportion of chinese people paid unfairly in secondary sector Proportion of chinese people paid fairly in secondary sector Proportion of Apple employees suffereing from depression or suicidal thoughts
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