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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The tactical Tang! Farming! Silk! Silk! Poetry! Poetry! The superb Song! Paper Money! Paper Money! Movable type! Movable type! The compass! ~Poetry was about many things, such aspeaceful retirement or history! ~Terraced farming was invented, revolutnionized agricultrue forever! ~Paper money would never have the glory it hastoday without Marco Polo, whodescirbed the bills in great detail! ~Europe would not have been successful without moveable type, which after reaching Europe made books less expensive. Literacy spread more afterward! ~To be more "sea hardy", Chinesesailors started putting protective glass around their compasses starting in A.D 1119 On balance, I believe the Song had more significant achievements for many reasons. To begin, I think that numerous of their achievements have more application in todays world than that of the Tang. For one, paper money, first printed during the Song in 1024 A.D, is completely essential to todays commerce and trade, whereas coins, the main form of currency used during the Tang Dynasty, is much less important in most of todays world. Another example is the invention of gunpowder. The development of numerous countries in our world is centered around some form of war, including the United States. Without gunpowder, war would not have happened the way it did, thus preventing the countries from developing to what they are today. ~Even though silk productionflourished under the Tang, silk creation was discovered duringthe Zhou Dynasty!
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