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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 China Daily News Network Arguments against Zheng He's cuts in fundingfor exploration. The great explorer,Zheng He and all of his great acheivments. The all new fire lance.The revolutionary weapon to change the way we attack! Zheng He the great explore has been denied more explorations. He may not have any more acheivments to discover,but He still has many to share. This article is about his major achievments.In 1405, He traveled to Mozambique, Persian Gulf, all around the Indian Ocean, and the Spice Islands of Southeast Asia. In 1431, He established many diplomatic relations with more than twenty realms of the Indian Ocean world. The Chinese government made a very interesting change,cutting all funding involving the great explorer Zheng He.Why the government chose to do such a horrible act, we may never know, but one things for sure, the government will regret this decision, as Zheng He has had a huge impact on Chinese exploration and trade. A government official said "Zheng He's voyages are becoming too expensive. If this goes on any longer, he may end up with more money than the government!" The new Fire Lance The Fire Lance,an all new weapon for war!No enemy will expect the fire lance. The fire lance is a spear that is set on fire.No one will fight against it. Buy it today for only $19.99!But that's not all, we'll throw in an extra fire lancefor the same price if you mail here now!Don't miss out on this fantastic offer.Buy the fire lance now!
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