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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 in chile effect volcanic erruptions Tourism live in the local Economy area and tourism? Positive Negative -Minerals and fertile soils can help farmers grow plants and crops which increases their income -The repair for any damage done is expensive to the local area and families, not just fromthe volcano itself but from the things it causes such as mudslides,earthquakesand floods. -Geothermal energy (From volcano) can save areas more money by using that as you're resource instead of something more expensive. This is a photo of Villarrica, aVolcano in Chile, errupting How do the people that This is a map of all the major volcanoes in Chile(You can see Villarrica) What people have and are doing to Overcome these erruptions Be prepared Now, people in Chile are being prepared for if a volcanic eruption does occur, especially if theylive near or in a town close to an active volcano. . Although the damage done in the aftermath of an eruption is very pricey, local residents, companies, and the government repair the damagedone eventually. Damage Repair (This is a photo of the homes afterthe volcano erupts) -When people are injured after an eventsuch as this then they will need medical attention,which is often pricey,Not just in hospitable bills but intreatments and the proper equipment Enviormental Animals have been killed by lava flows, gases released into the atmosphere, and tsunami's many times in the past. They can also die from forest fires and earthquakes caused by volcanic eruption. Animals Plants and Crops -Since volcanoes attract lots of tourists, it gains restaurants,hotel owners,and shop keepers in the area more income. Volcanoes attract millions of tourists every year. Sometimes around a volcano there may be warm bodies of water, hot springs,and steam vents.Geysers are usually very popular tourist attractions. Many people try to live close to volcanoes deliberately because of the positives to be gained! Plants and crops are destroyed while an eruption takes place, over a large amount of area, suchas forest, farms, and fields. Of coursethey come back stronger afterwords,for the volcanic soil is rich and allowsplants to grow healthily over time. The orange line on this map is Chile
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