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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHILD LABOR This is a graph of child-held jobs in 1920. In a census taken in 1890, America was shown tohave had 1 million kids working in different industries. In 1910, 2 million children, between the ages of 5and 15 worked 18-20 hours a day. 1836- The first proposal for child labor is delivered by Union members at the National Trades' Union Convention Before child labor proposal After the child labor proposal 1836- The first state to require child labor is Massachusetts, but it also requires children to attend at least three months of school per year. This rule applies to kids 15 and younger. 1842- States begin to limit children's work hours.Massachusetts limits children's work hours to 10 hours per day.Other states soon pass similar laws, but most of them are not strictly enforced. 1876- Working Men's Party fought back, proposing to ban child labor for children under the age of 14. 1881- The first national convention, the American Federation of Labor, is passed.It was a resolution calling states to ban children under 14 from gainful employment. 1892-The Democratic Party works to ban factory employment for any child under 15 years old. 1904-The national campaign for child labor law reform begins. 1916-The first child labor law prohibits any movement of goodsacross state lines if the child labor laws are violated. 1938-The Fair Labor Standards Act regulates the ages in which a child should work and how many hours. Although child labor diminished in the United States, there is still plenty of it in other parts of the country. Children are threatened with abuse and sexual violence from their employers. Children aged 5-17 are child laborers. There are 218 million child laborers in the world. (Recorded in 2004) 1950's child 1970's children 1990's children From this To this
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