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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 a Parents and Children Paternity is fatherhood, when one denies this the mother can file a paternity suit. The family support act of 1988 states that all states must assist in obtaining paternity testing; Paternity testing can be done through blood tests though more current and accurate ways are through DNA tests Emancipation is when you no longer financially support your children. This can be because of age, marriage, if one joins the armed forces, or if the child petitions to a court Family Responsibility laws require you to support your elderly parents, Support can be defined as providing the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, clothing, edu., and medicine. Education and medicine are the right to free K-12 school (not required to pay college). If a child doesn't attend school it's called truancy. when this happens the parent will be fined or even arrested. Medical care must alsobe provided in the sense that you must give: proper medical care, they need to be current on immunizations andshould visit the dentist 2x a year, A child can't have operations done without his parents parents permission thougha doctor can act in life threatening situation or when court permits it. Paternity Emancipation Family Responsibility laws and support Education and medical care Care, Supervision, and Discipline Parents can make the final decision as long as they don't neglect or harm their child.Parents have a right/duty to supervise their children and the child to obey. Parentsdecide the location, school the child attends, religion, and only if it's dangerousor or harmful to the child they don't have to obey. Parental Responsibility for children act If an adult fails to supervise their child, they can be responsible. Property damage, theft, and vandalism if done by a delinquent will go to the adult in fines of 2,000-50,000 Earnings Parents have the right to take a child's earnings and the child can onlykeep whats allowed, This does not apply to inheritance. Child Abuse and Neglect When one threatens to inflict intentional harm physically, emotionally, or sexually.Neglect is the failure to provide, food clothes, shelter, edu.,supervision, or medical needs.
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