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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Happening Currently? Global and Home country's view to issue Child and Maternal Health Poverty Poverty has always been a problem globally. This is because people in poverty is always impacted by lack of money. Money to eat, money to be educated, money to have proper care.So, how does POVERTY affect people, pregnant women and children's health? In this world, still more than 1.2 billion people suffer due to poverty. In the Philippines, about 26% of the population live below the poverty line. In countries, which have a lot of problems relating to poverty, child and maternal health has been one of the biggest problem. Normally, children are said that that are easier to die. Even in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Improving child underweight and health of mothers are one of the goals, Currently in the philippines, many people still lacks knowledgeabout the risk of being pregnant. By being pregnant many timesin a short time period, it weakens the mother, which raises the rate of both mothers and babies. The fact that the mother is weakdirectly relate to the mother's death rate, and according to studies, a death of a mother makes newborn infants' death rate higher thanbabies who has a mother alive. What are the Causes? What are the main causes of children's death in poverty?For children under five, pneumonia, prematurity, diarrhealdeseases, birth asphyxia, and malaria. Actually, Malaria ismore common in Sub-Saharan African than in Asia. In this area, Malaria killed about 15% of children under five. Also approximately 58% of all deaths of children under five iscaused by simply preventable infectious diseases. Solutions tried in the past What solutions were tried to solve this problem? Solution 1 ~improving nutrition of people~ This project was done by Asian Development Bank (ADB)in Kyrgyz Republic. They targeted both mothers andchildren. They mainly did 3 things. The first thing they did was mixing micronutrients to flour. This helped people having nutrients they need to live healthily.The second thing they did was providing iron tablets. The third thing was to improve the network of pharmaciesin rural areas. this was also supported by the governmentand as a result, the number of pharmacies doubled and it was able to provide service to about 90% of the population in the area where the project was done. mixing micronutrients to flour providing iron tablets improve the network of pharmacies Solution 2 ~Vaccinations to children~In 1990's, the Philippine's Department of Health madeWednesday to be "Vaccination day" for measles. Measles vaccination was chosen because it is thelast vaccine of a series,which a child should do .By having more children being vaccinated, we candecrease the amount of the deaths of children relatedto infectious diseases. By Yui Konishi + more children being vaccinated decrease the amount of the deaths My solution The best solution to solve this issue is to first, improvenutrition of children, secondly, to educate more midwives,and to make an obligation ensuring mothers take their childto a clinic and be have a series of vaccination. This is because when a person does not have enough nutrients taken, it could affect the way the brain functions. Also thiscould reduce the amount of underweight children. If wecould give a higher education to the midwives, the risk of the mother dying will decrease and if the mother is less likely to die, it makes the mortality rate of newborn babies'lower. At last, the obligation will surely help raising thelife expectancy. If everyone is able to be vaccinate, thanit could lower the risk of children under age five dying dueto preventable infectious diseases.
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