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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does kidnapping children at a young age benefit child soldier captors? kidnapping child soldier * the opacity of the soldiers on the map represent the presence of child soldiers on that continent (i.e. the stronger the opacity the stronger the presence) captors Who's helping? What is a child soldier? Quote UNICEF has been working withNGOs, donor governments and countries to helpenforce a multi-country demobilization.Since 1998 UNICEF has been worked toreintegrate over 100,000 soldiers into theirprevious communities. They have reintegrated24,000 more soldiers back into thanks to their continued efforts What are they forced to do? Chiara de Silva "At the age of 13, I joined the student movement. Any child, regardless of gender, under the age of 18 who is part of any kind of irregular I had a dream to contribute to make things change, so that children would not be hungry... or regular armed force or group later I joined the armed struggle. I had all the inexperience and fears of a little girl. I found that girls were obliged to the sexual relations "to alleviate the sadness of the combantants." And who alleviated our sadness after going with someone we hardly knew At my young age I experience abortion... In spite of my commitment they, abused me, and trampled my human dignity. And above all, they did not understand that I was a child and that I had rights."-Anonymous rights CambodiaIn a survey of wounded soldiers20% were 10-14 years old whenthey were recruited "If I had known I when I was running from the war in Sierra Leone that there was a place Icould go instead of going to fight in the warI probably would have gone there. But my chanceswere limited. I had no where to go."- Ishmael Beah, former Sierra Leone child soldier Over 300,000 child soldiers fighting in 30 conflicts world wide armed force South SudanOver 35,000 child soldiers were demobilized in Feb 2001 soldier helping
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