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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Children. Regardless ofage, gender, religion etc.Many are under the age of 10 and its estimated that 40% are girls CHILD SOLDIERS Who is affected? Why is this a problem? Why should people care? What can be done? Children who are used in military combat are oftenkilled or seriously injured.They go through abusewhether its sexual, mental,or physical. They are child slaves, they are held against their will,forced to work and do asthey are told, no pay, andare horribly mistreated.They go through psychological trauma. Unlawful recruitment takes place.Having children this young is awar crime.It breaks the Right of a Child. End use of children inhostilities by governmentforces.Ban the voluntary recruitment of those under the age of 18.Improve effectiveness ofinterruptions used to prevent non-state armedgroups from using children.Release, recover, andrehabilitate children soldiers. : Any child under the ageof 18 recruited by stateor non-state armed group. *They are used as fighters,suicide bombers, spies, humanshields, messangers, for domestic services, and forsexual purposes.*Takes place in most armedconflicts and in almost everyregion of the world*Children don't need muchto eat, don't require pay, don't speak up, and dowhat they are told. War is expensive and since they are less likely to run away,children are used.*20 states have child soldiersin government, government-affiliated, and non-statearmed groups. 40 stateshave minimum agerecruitment requirementsunder 18 year
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