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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parental Influence on Gender Development Gender roles begin to develop from birth from the parents. Parents begin to expose their child to what theybelieve is acceptable behavior for that child sex. Parents have standards on what they believe is anappropriate behavior role. Growing up, children are taught how to behavior as a "boy" or "girl".Girls andboys are not treated the same. You see that children are treated differently from young. For example, from the toys they are given and the programs their parents enrolled their child in.The male expectations is to be independent, assertive and competitive on the other hand females expectations is to be passive, supportive and sensitive. Children adopt a gender identity early on in their life and these children begin to develop their gender rolesParents behavior play a major role in this, by teaching their children what they believe is acceptable according to society. Are you a male or female ? Are you a boy or girl ? It's not that easy ! I have to be strong ! I have to play sports andbe competitive ! I have to be feminine ! I have to be supportive ! As parents we teach our children how to behave. Children learn how to behave from what they are taught orexpose to home. The beliefs and values we teach our children influence the child's development process. If we tell a child what he or she is doing is consider to be inappropriate behavior for their sex we are discouraging that child from developing their own identity. As parents we should learn how to speak toour children in order for that child to grow up loving their-self and not to feel ashame of their behavior. 1) Leaper,C. (2013, December). Parents' Socialization of Gender in Children. Retrieved December 6, 2014 from the World Wide Web:, J.L.,& Cook, G.(2009). The Development of Self and Gender Retrieved December 6, 2014 from Child development:principles and perspectives Refrence By:Keisha Cesar
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