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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Child Labor Isn't Worth It By Gabby Debroisse "Child laborers are accounting for about 1 in 10 of the world's population." Charles Kenny says. That's around 168 million kids! Why are Children Forced to Work? Children are forced to work because they need to help supply for their families. Does Child Labor Impact Education? Not all children can go to school. And for the children that have to go to school, their grades are lower from the lack of time to study. Health Issues For Children in Child Labor Children working in agriculture can get major health issues. Some issues are over heating, poisoned from tobacco fields, and children get hurt on the job. -=Some More Facts=- Not many Americans realize that children are picking their food. Some people think its okay that these children are working in the fields as long as their hours are shortened. These kids can work over 7 hours a day. There is a gaping hole in the law, that causes children to be able to work in agriculture. Says Stephen Stock and David Paredes. Many children get hurt on the job. When kids are working in tobacco fields, what gets on their skin is around two packs of cigarettes a day. Children are working in dangerous conditions. Working in 100 degree weather in some places in the U.S. The End! +
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