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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Child Labor 18% of workersby 1900 werechildren under18 years old Child Labor has been around fora really long time. Children areone of the only reasons whymajor cities are major. Thechildren have done everythingfor us, and they don't get creditfor any of their work. Although being illegalchild labor is still going on. In poor countries like Africa, (where it is legal) the parents rely on their children for their money and food. Percent of LaborersAround the Globe:22%: Asia (Red)32%: Africa (Green)17% Latin (Yellow)America1%: U.S. (Grey)1%: Other (Blue)Wealthy Countries(1% per country) There are many different kinds of child labor, some of them are not as hard or taxing as the others.Some of the easier forms of child labor are selling food products, shining shoes, odd jobs, and andbeing tour guides. However, there are harder, more taxing forms which are called "worst forms".Worst form labor violates a child's human rights. Some of these are construction, factory working,mining, manufacturing, domestic service, and agricultural labor. These children suffered througha lot, and what did they get for pay? Normally, it was absolutely nothing. There were some committees that were against child labor, and they tried (and still do) to stop the labor.Some of these committees have been around for about 100 years. The major child labor committee was the National Child Labor Committee. This organization made more, smaller ones, and all of them went againstchild labor. Although they have successfully made it illegal, it still goes on illegally in America, and legally in Africa and other poorer countries. By: Kyle Kemp
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