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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented 5 Eye Opening Lessons from The EMyth Revisited and inGenius Recognize your Talent Create a Business to sell it Media & Communications Consumer Trends Don't fall into Traps Listen to the Rhythym Pay attention the small things A lot easier said than done. A great innovator does not run with the first solution or idea.Learn to "think better". This includes grasping the guidelines to good brainstorming and enabling others to vocalize their perspectives. This lesson majorly aided in my understanding of how vital it is to not get stuck on one idea as there are several solutions to any problem. Entrepreneurs must comprehend that nothing can be accomplished entirely alone. Being apart of a team allows an entrepreneur to work on the business rather than in it. Good leaders can listen to the rhythm of a discussion which will translate into a good rhythym and environment of a business. Understand if you are a technician, manager or entrepreneur.Before the eMyth I most definitely thought I was an entrepreneur. However, I am a manager-yet I can still one dayrun a great business! Hire employees with talents you lack to gain universal perspectives and adhere to all customer needs.Gain knowledge from your coworkers about the business and yourself thus enhancing the quality and purpose Although I never gave much thought to this idea, it is the small details that turn a good business into a great one. Even the simplest things make a difference; like how a customer is greeted at the door. Having a keen eye for detail and the world around oneself causes customers and other members of a business to appreciate and truly care for the job. - unity- slow food and health- fast food majority - high cell phone usage- lower internet penetration This lesson came as a total shock to me. I always dreamed of running a business then passing it on in my old age. After reading, I realized this exact lesson is why so many businesses probably fail. The aim of a business should be purposeful and meaningful in your life but NOT for your life. A business should not be designed to give you happiness or make you feel self worth. The ideal aim is to sell a beautifully executed business and gain more profit so you can continue to live a happy life with more money.
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