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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Boniva(Ibandronate Sodium) Boniva is used to prevent and treat osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION:Boniva can either be adminsiteredthrough a 3mg injection or a150mg tablet. COMMON DOSAGE:In the tablet form, the mostcommon dosage is 150mgone time per month. In the injection form, the dosageis 3mg every three months. MECHANISMOF ACTION:Ibandronateworks byinhibiting osteoclastactivity in themineral matrixof bones. Thisreduces boneturnover, thusincreasing thebone mass. PHARMACOKINETICS:Absorption: Boniva takes approximately 2 hours to be completelyabsorbed into the body. When taken with a full meal, about 90%of the medication is absorbed and available for use. Distribution- after absorption, ibandronate quickly binds to the mineral matrices in the bones. It is distributed through the circulatory system.Metabolism- Ibandronate does not undergo metabolism through the liver.Excretion- Ibandronate that is not used by the bones passes through the kidneys unchanged and is excreted through the stool. WARNINGS/ CONTRAINDICATIONS:Boniva should not betaken by people with upper gastrointestinal and renal problems, as it could worsen existing conditions. There are no special populations. Clinical studies haveshown that Boniva reduces the probabilityof bone fractures. On average, Bonivacosts approximately$539.67 for each 3mginjection, and about $45.18 for each 150mgtablet.
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