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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chasing Vermeer Chasing Vermeer Calder Pillay Calder Pillay One of the two main protagonists in the story.He is obsessed with pentominoes, a gift he got on his twelfth birthday. Petra Adalee Petra Adalee One of the two main protagonists in the story.She is very smart, and receives messages from the missing painting throught the story 12 12 Twelve Twelve An important number in the book that represents multiplecoincidences. A Vermeer painting, a lady writing,has been stolen by a criminal whosays he did it for the good of true art.In reality, the thief, who wasTommys stepfather, had taken up a falseidentity and stole it for money. Calder and Petra managed to get thepainting back by finding it in a secretpassage in Delia Dell hall. Plot Plot A Lady Writing A Lady Writing The stolen painting.She sends messages to Petra and Mrs.Sharpe throughout the story. The stolen painting.She sends messages to Mrs.Sharpeand Petra throughout the story. The story takes place ina suburb near Chicago, Illinois.Calder and Petra go to a schoolwith a very nice teacher named Ms.Hussy who teaches in a very uniqe way. Setting Setting Theme Theme The theme of this story is that not everything is always as it seems, andyou should look beyondwhat is first apparentto you. Mrs. Sharpe Mrs. Sharpe An old lady. She had a husband who studiedvermeer, but he diedbefore he could tell her anything. She received oneof the three mysterious letters. Ms. Hussey Ms. Hussey A 6th grade literatureteacher. She is very unique.She received one of the threemysterious letters. Mr. Watch Mr. Watch Owner of Powells usedbook store. He received one of the three mysteriousletters. Xaviar Glitts Xaviar Glitts Stole a lady writing.he posed as Tommy'sstepfather, Fred Steadman.
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